Empowering Your Digital Identity

A digital identity wallet that prioritizes security, privacy, and interoperability to drive adoption and support existing ecosystems.

Building Trust with Cardano, W3C, Trust Over IP (ToIP), and Key Event Receipt Infrastructure (KERI)

Securely generate, update, deactivate, and restore Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) and KERI Autonomic Identifiers (AIDs).
Establish trusted connections with DIDComm for communications and W3C verifiable credentials and
Authentic Chained Data Containers (ACDCs).

Snapshot of the Cardano Identity Wallet application showing the Identity tab.
Snapshot of the Cardano Identity Wallet application showing a credential request.
Snapshot of the Cardano Identity Wallet application showing the Credentials tab.

Take control of your digital identity and explore the principles of Self Sovereign Identity (SSI)

Benefits of SSI and the Identity Wallet

Icon depicting a network of peopleOpen Source Project maintained by the Cardano Foundation empowering the community and developers.
Icon depicting a person sitting in front of their laptop chatting onlineInteroperability supporting new and existing identity standards, ecosystems, and frameworks.
Icon depicting a monitor with a graduate capMobile application offering accessibility and support for Android and iOS
Icon depicting a paper airplane with a messageEnhanced private key security utilising device Hardware Security Modules and Secure Enclaves
Icon depicting a monitor with code on itConvenience and flexibility provided through KERI, an agnostic identity protocol suitable for blockchain and enterprise storage solutions
Icon depicting a keyboard and a code symbolOptimise privacy with DIDComm messaging and ensure communications are encrypted and tamper-evident
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